Hi everyone! My first game made with Unity in this jam and also the first game I made with Unity! Okay I cheated a little but I thought that this game was in accordance with the theme and I really wanted to show it to you. You have to click on the planets to zoom on them. (On the minimap or on the main screen. It doesn't matter) Have fun!

PS: Can you recognize the extra planet?*

PS2: The minimap doesn't render the same on every computer so it might come a little bit warped or truncated on yours.

PS3: This game has been made for a course on the Coursera platform so the code is unavailable in order to avoid people cheating for the Course. Scripts and textures were provided by the teacher.

PS4: A very good game console

*Minecraft world!


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Wahouu... really impressed and with only one hour ... ouch ! Well done !